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Photograph Restoration Pricing

We have a simple pricing structure based on the complexity of the work involved, so it should be easy to see up front what it is likely to cost. The less work your photos require, the less you pay.  The more complex the work involved it will cost more.

Every photo order comes with 1 free 6x4 print, the charge for shipping will be included in price to pay. Extra prints can be ordered during the purchase process. Please note that the size at which your photo can be printed is determined by the resolution of your image.

If you have an e-mail program, such as Outlook, you can click the address link below to create an e-mail that you can use to attach your images and send us details of what changes you are looking for. If you use the web for your e-mail, like hotmail, you will need to log-in to your account and send an e-mail to   [email protected]. Remember to write photo service in the subject line of your e-mail.

Still not sure?

We are so confident you will love the results that you only pay if you want to receive the final image.

 It doesn't cost you a penny to find out what your photo could look like, so send us your snap and let us work our magic on your memories. For more than 1 photo just include a £5 non-refundable deposit per photo which will be deducted from the final cost of each photo.


Please read our Terms and Conditions below before requesting this service.


Please read carefully before sending any images.    


Sending an image and requesting a service from TMIT Limited constitutes full acceptance of these terms and conditions


The sender of any image to TMIT Limited must own the copyright to that image, or have the written permission of the copyright owner. The sender of the image will be held liable for any costs associated with court action resulting from violation of copyright.

It is against the law to send pornographic, obscene, or abusive images by e-mail. TMIT Limited will report the sender of any such image to the appropriate authority. The sender of any image appearing to show criminal activity will also be reported to the authorities.

TMIT Limited's privacy policy relating to the viewing of customer images is dependent on the customer keeping their own email secure.  

TMIT Limited's refund policy is limited to the digital content of the actual image purchased and the service provided by TMIT Limited, and will not be extended to cover any quality issues resulting from any subsequent printing of the image with either the customer's or any 3rd party's printing hardware or software.

TMIT Limited will not be held liable for any accidental or intentional damage to property or person, physical injury, deterioration in health, or financial loss, triggered by the viewing of any image on it's website.